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Accommodation Providers and Hotel Brands

Self Catering/Villa Accommodation Providers

    A63 : Best Villa Holiday Company

  • Companies that market self-catering holiday accommodation with UK, Europe and oversea properties in their portfolio.

    A64 : Best Chalet/Winter Sports Accommodation Provider

  • Chalet and lodgings booking companies who offer accommodation only or include transport via a third party supplier.

Hotel & Resort Brands

Open to chain-affiliated and independent hotels operating under one identity. Groups operating multiple brands should enter them individually. These categories are also open to companies who represent collections of independent hotels and market them under a common identity.

With no unifying star rating system to define hotel attributes globally the Hotel and Resort Brand awards are segregated by market class based upon STR market class analysis. An independent hotel’s market class is determined by the average daily rate, relative to that of chain-affiliated hotels in its geographic proximity.

A comprehensive list of over 950 hotels brands listed by market class can be found on the Trade & Media News Zone website.

    A65 : Best Luxury Hotel Brand

  • As defined by STR market class analysis: Luxury and Upper Upscale.

    A66 : Best Upscale Hotel Brand

  • As defined by STR market class analysis: Upscale.

    A67 : Best Midscale Plus Hotel Brand

  • As defined by STR market class analysis: Upper Midscale.

    A68 : Best Midscale/Economy Hotel Brand

  • As defined by STR market class analysis: Midscale and Economy.

    A69 : Best All-inclusive Hotel & Resort Brand

  • All-Inclusive Hotels & Resorts can also register in the market class categories

Click here to apply for award(s) category listing. The nomination fee is £150 plus VAT per category. Take advantage of our “3 for 2” offer, register for two categories and select a third complimentary category entry.