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BTA 2024 Award Categories>

This year we are featuring 82 award categories covering a comprehensive range of leisure travel experiences and service with up to 522 accreditations across the awards.

To recognise the achievements of SME’s - 46 award categories are graded by size where independent verification is possible. Grading details are displayed above the category listings.

Data from past awards reveal that the most successful companies are those who convert the highest percentage of their customers into voters… Not necessarily those with the highest number of customers!

Registration - Generally

The registration fee is £250 plus VAT per brand/per category and must be paid by 24 May 2024 to guarantee inclusion on the consumer voting form. Any company that has registered for inclusion but not paid their registration fee by 24 May 2024 will automatically be excluded.

  • A list of nominee companies - together with their size where appropriate - will be published on the BTA Trade & Media News Zone as their applications are approved.
  • A company’s size is not displayed on the voting form and voters can only vote for one company/brand in each category. Companies are divided into the size group submitted on their nomination form when the results are analysed.

Registration - Size Graded Categories Declaration

  • When a company applies for listing in a size graded category they will be required to disclose their overall number(s) as defined by the category criterion.
  • This should be the overall figure for the company/brand and NOT related to the individual award category(s) entered.
  • Companies who fail to disclose this figure at the time of registration will be sent a reminder with their direct voting app url email. If this information is not forthcoming the company/brand will be considered "large" or as determined by the British Travel Awards.
  • This size will be published next to the nominee in each of their elected categories on the Trade & Media Zone website.
  • Companies can appeal the published size of competing companies up to 31 May 2024. Any appeal must be accompanied by independent evidence supporting the appeal that can be verified by the British Travel Awards.
  • Any appeals received after 31 May 2024 will not be considered.

The British Travel Awards reserve the right to merge/withdraw any category(s) in the unlikely event they are under subscribed when registrations close 10 May 2024. In this event, any paid category registration fee will be refunded in full to the nominee company.