Frequently Asked Questions

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Why have I received an “email address already used” message when attempting to register to vote in the British Travel Awards?

Either someone else has registered to vote using your email address or you have previously registered. The voting cycle runs for 15 weeks and it is not unusual to forget that you may have already voted.

In all events an email will have been sent to the registered email address titled “Your British Travel Awards Voter Password”. Go to the log-in section at the bottom of the voting form and enter your email address and password to access the voter record.

Once you have logged-in to your voting record you will be able to view and update the registration details (excluding the email address). View, amend, add and delete the voting record. The latest details entered will replace all previous entries.

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I have received a British Travel Awards voter password email but I do not recall registering to vote. Why is this?

The voter password is an auto-response email triggered by your email address being used to register votes in the British Travel Awards. Please check whether anyone who has permission to use your email address has registered using your email.

Third-party and proxy voting is strictly prohibited and we take abuse of this rule very seriously. If you are certain that there has been an unauthorised use of your email address please reply to the voter password email with the comment; “I did not register” so we can investigate any possible voting policy breach.

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If I register to vote do I need to opt-out so my information will not be shared with any third-parties?

We DO NOT share your information with any third-parties unless you make a positive action to opt-in when you register. Unless you take this action all registration records are automatically opted-out by default. See our Privacy Policy for detailed information.

By registering you do agree to receive no more than four emails per year directly from the British Travel Awards.

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How does the Voters’ Prize Draw work, how are the winners chosen and when are the winners notified?

The winners are selected by a blind draw process. When you submit your votes, your record is allocated a unique reference number. The prize list is stored in a separate file, after voting closes the draw takes place by actioning a (record range) random number generator on this file which assigns a number to each prize. These numbers are then matched to the voter database to establish the winners.

The prize provider is advised of the winner’s details and the British Travel Awards will notify the winner at their registered email address week commencing 16th October 2023.

The prize arrangement is between the prize provider (not the British Travel Awards) and the prize winner. Each prize is subject to the provider’s terms and conditions and will be specific to each prize.

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