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Dear Travel Industry Colleagues

Welcome to The British Travel Awards 2020. In this unprecedented difficult time for all our businesses, the BTA will be keeping the faith and carrying on.

Well known for resilience and overcoming extraordinary disruptions to business, the travel industry will, we know, continue to serve its customers, the UK’s travelling consumers and BTA voters, whenever and wherever they can. Your customers want to travel, and you want to provide them with those holidays and travel experiences - and so we will continue to operate the BTA 2020 (albeit with a few changes), so that we will have some good news, encouraging messages and reasons to celebrate when we emerge, not unscathed, but still together when Covid-19 has been beaten.

This year, in addition to the usual categories across all aspects of travel, we are including an “open” category “Best Travel Company for Customer Service” to allow consumers the opportunity to vote for any travel company they felt have offered excellent support, customer service, communication and flexibility regarding travel disruptions caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. The awards within this category will cover airline, hotel, cruise, online and tour operators. Companies will not be required to register for this category. Our database of subscribed consumers will be contacted directly and via the print and digital platforms of our media partners at Reach plc and asked to enter their own choice of company for these extraordinary awards.

Also, this year we are extending the nomination/registration period until 31 July (usually 31 May). Consumer voting will not begin until 6 September and will continue until 22 November. Hopefully these extended datelines will enable more companies to feel able to register for the BTAs, and the extended voting period will capture later summer travellers.

And finally, for now - we are offering a “Buy 2 - Get 1 Free” registration deal. When you register for two categories, you will automatically be offered a complimentary third entry into another category for the same company/brand.

Please select form the menu tabs for more information about this year’s categories, the criteria for entry and to register your company in the BTA 2020 - and we’ll let your customers know you are still there for them when voting begins later in the summer.

Wishing you all the very best in the challenging times ahead, stay safe!
Kind regards,

Lorraine Barnes Burton
Managing Director, The British Travel Awards