BTA 21/22 Travel Company Award Categories

These categories are only open to companies offering leisure travel arrangements outside the United Kingdom. Companies with UK product offerings should enter the UK/Domestic Award Categories.

Size Graded Categories

Categories in this sector will be graded by size based upon the annual number of passengers/guests prior to Covid-19 travel restrictions.

More than 80,000
10,000 to 80,000
Less than 10,000

The Best Villa Holiday Company will be graded by size based upon the number of rental units referenced on your website.

More than 2,500 units
400 to 2,500 units
Less than 400 units

Companies are required to enter this information when completing the nomination application form. In the event of this information not being provided, the British Travel Awards Panel will determine a company’s size based upon these considerations: (a) Past voting results, (b) Company/third party data available prior to the onset of Coronavirus, (c) Brand recognition, (d) Size of product portfolio, (e) Web browser SEO positioning.

There are up to nine accreditations in each category. Click here for full details.

A24 : Best Travel Company for Singles Holidays
Holidays and group tours for single traveller where customers have the opportunity to mix and socialise with like-minded people
A25 : Best Travel Company for Tailor-Made Holidays
Bespoke holiday arrangements designed for individuals or small groups
A26 : Best Travel Company for Escorted Group Holidays
Holidays and tours where travellers are escorted in a group to various destinations and places of interest
A27 : Best Travel Company for Touring Holidays
Holidays and tours featuring itineraries to pre-arranged locations and places of interest
A28 : Best Travel Company for Adventure Holidays
Off the beaten track holidays and tours to remote or extreme locations accompanied by professional guides
A29 : Best Travel Company for Rail Holidays
Holidays and tours involving rail transport, inclusive of accommodation and usually include excursions
A30 : Best Travel Company for Coach Holidays
Holidays involving coach transport, inclusive of accommodation, can be single or multi-centred destinations and usually include excursions
A31 : Best Travel Company for Weddings & Honeymoons
European and overseas holidays that include wedding ceremony/organiser services within the holiday price and can include honeymoon arrangements
A32 : Best Travel Company for Special Occasions Holidays
Accommodation and itineraries designed for e.g. Anniversaries, couples, honeymoons, romantic getaways
A33 : Best Travel Company for Special Interest Holidays
Holidays for special interest groups e.g. arts and crafts, music, culinary etc.
A34 : Best Travel Company for Safari Holidays
Accommodation can vary from small, seasonal tented camps to large permanent structures. Viewing can be done on foot, horseback, in vehicles or by boat depending on the terrain
A35 : Best Travel Company for Wildlife & Nature Holidays
Holidays and tours where the primary goal is viewing flora and fauna in its natural habitat
A36 : Best Travel Company for Arts & Culture Holidays
Holidays and tours for enthusiasts of the arts, classics, heritage and cultural history
A37 : Best Travel Company for Activity/Sports Holidays
Customer participation holidays offering a range of land and/or water based physical activities
A38 : Best Travel Company for Sports Tours Holidays
Itineraries for spectators/supporters designed around international sporting events
A39 : Best Travel Company for Ski/Winter Sports Holidays
Holidays for skiing, snowboarding and winter sports enthusiasts. Can include chalet and accommodation only providers who may offer transport booked via a third party
A40 : Best Cruise Line for Ultra-Luxury Holidays
A41 : Best Cruise Line for Luxury Holidays
A42 : Best Cruise Line for Family Holidays
A43 : Best Cruise Line for Ocean/Expedition Voyages
A44 : Best Cruise Line for River Cruise Holidays