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Holiday Planning and Booking Services

Holiday Planning & Information Providers

    A38 : Best Travel Deals Provider

  • Referral and transactional websites promoting a range of travel products, add-on services and offers from various supplier.

    A39 : Best Travel Review/Ratings Website

  • Website providing travel reviews and/or customer feedback - non transactional.

    A40 : Best Consumer Travel Magazine

  • Printed consumer travel publications available from news-stands or delivered to a subscribed readership (with or without companion websites).

Travel Agencies & Booking Websites

    A41 : Best National Travel Agency

  • Travel agencies and homeworker groups with a nationwide network of retail outlets or personal travel consultants.

    A42 : Best High Street Travel Agency

  • Size graded by number of physical retail outlets. Open to independent agencies NOT vertically integrated brands or companies whose main activity is online/call centre sales with a “walk-in” service at their operations centre.

    A43 : Best Online Travel Retailer

  • Online retailers offering holiday and travel products from various suppliers (can be in addition to physical retail agency).

    A44 : Best Cruise Holiday Retailer

  • Specialist retailers offering cruise holidays from a variety of cruise lines.

    A45 : Best Flight Booking Website

    A46 : Best Hotel Booking Website

    A47 : Best Ferry Booking Website

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