BTA 21/22 Retail & Travel Services Award Categories

A43 : Best Travel Comparison/Offers Website
A68 : Best Online Travel Retailer
Online travel retailers offering holiday and travel products from various suppliers (can be in addition to physical retail agency).
A44 : Best National Travel Retailer
Brands with more than 200 physical retail outlets and homeworker groups with national coverage.
A45 : Best High Street Travel Agency Network
Brands with 100 -200 retail outlets.
A46 : Best High Street Travel Agency
Brands with up to 99 retail outlets
A47 : Best Cruise Holiday Retailer
Specialist retailers offering cruise holidays from a variety of cruise lines.
A48 : Best Flight Booking Website
A49 : Best Accommodation Booking Website
A50 : Best Travel Insurance Provider
Travel insurance specialists and companies who provide travel insurance as part of their services portfolio e.g. travel agents, tour operators, banks and supermarkets.
A51 : Best Foreign Exchange/Travel Money Retailer
Foreign exchange specialists and companies who provide ForEx as part of their services portfolio e.g. banks, financial services, travel agencies, supermarkets and high street retailers.
A52 : Best Airport Parking Provider
UK airport parking and companies or websites that provide airport parking options from a range of providers.
A53 : Best Car Hire Provider
Car hire companies with UK reservation facilities and booking websites that provide car hire options from a range of rental companies.